1. Define safe browsing and Google safe browsing.
  2. How can you enable safe browsing in the app and laptop?
  3. Describe cache data and why we clear it?
  4. How can you clear cache data on chrome and in the chrome mobile app?
  5. Describe the WLAN.
  6. How many types of  WLAN?
  7. Describe the security issue in WLAN.
  8. What is the dark web?
  9. What are the dark web browser and dark search engines?
  10. For safe online shopping, we should use the HTTPS website. Describe it.
  11. Avoid offers that seem “too good to be true”. Write a short note on it.
  12. For wi-fi security, we should hide the network name. Write a short note on it.
  13. For safe browsing on social media, we should use two-factor authentication. Write a short note on it.
  14. Why we should verify friend requests and block fake accounts.  Write a short note on it.
  15. Sharing photos and videos on social media can be dangerous. Write a short note on it.