1. Describe the reconnaissance phase of the hacking.
  2. Describe the scanning phase of the hacking.
  3. Describe the gaining access phase of the hacking.
  4. Describe the maintaining access phase of the hacking.
  5. Describe the clearing tracks phase of the hacking.
  6. What is Footprinting?
  7. Which type of information a hacker can collect during the Footprinting?
  8. How do social media and job websites help hackers in Footprinting?
  9. Describe the various Social Engineering techniques in Footprinting.
  10. How Google is a source of Footprinting?
  11. How an organization’s website is a source of Footprinting?
  12. How can we show domain name information? Describe the various methods of it.
  13. Describe the ping command.
  14. What is the Google Dork?
  15. How can you find the history of the website and its hosting company?