Learn Dash Basics

Learn Dash is a LMS built in word press, LMS is known as Learning Management System. It is software that provides the tools needed to make courses and lessons etc. Once Learn Dash is installed and active as a plugin you will then get the option on the side bar called LearnDashLMS this gives you all the tools you need to make your website from courses, lessons, topics and quizzes.

Creating your own course can be done by clicking onto courses that is on the left hand side bar this will then bring you to a course creator page you will use this the most as it is used to create the courses and add lessons and topics in, you can even add in quizzes through this page.

To start creating your course what you will need to do is once you have clicked onto courses it will then take you to the Courses main page where people can find all the lessons that you have put into your course. You can modify your main page by clicking onto a block by doing this it will give you the option to add what ever you like into your main page and add any content, media or pictures that you like.

All the tools needed to create your course will be in the LearnDashLMS tool, once you click onto LearnDashLMS you will get another bar come up below that to say which tool you want to go onto on here you will have the choice between Courses, Lessons, Topics, Quizzes, Questions, Certificates and Assignments.

Below the video is a Power Point presentation of the basics of LearnDash, WordPress, LMS and eLearning.