How to download Word Press

To start off we need to first download Word Press, this is the platform that we will be using Learn Dash on, it is very simple and easy to download and it doesn’t cost a penny.

First step is to get onto the actual website to download Word Press its self this can be accessed by this link: it will then give you the option of what operating system to choose from this is depending on what operating system your computer has. Once you have clicked the link it will ask you to sign in, if you scroll all the way to the bottom you can click a link that says “No thanks, take me straight to download” this shouldn’t take long as the download isn’t too big.

Once that has downloaded you will need to click on the file this will bring you to the installation page, you don’t need to change the location of where to download it as it has already picked a place for you, when that is done you will need to create your own user name and password this will be your details to log into Word Press. Once that is all complete it will start to install this won’t take very long as its not a big file.

Now it will take you to the web browser which will have Word Press on it should say Access Word Press click on this link, once it loads you will be redirected to your site. To log into to your site to start to edit it you will need to type this in to the web browser: localhost/wordpress/login, this will direct you to the log in page where you need to type in your details that you made when installing. There is a video below explaining further.