Course Page

Once you have everything set up and ready on Word Press the first thing to do will be to start your Course page this will be the first page that people see when clicking onto the course. This can be used to give details about the course and what to expect when going onto the course.

Once you have got into Word Press the first thing to do will be to click on the side bar on the left hand side this will then bring up all the Plug ins that you have activated, you will need to go down to LearnDashLMS, click on courses then add new course in the top right. This will then bring you onto the Course page from here you can customize your title add photos and videos all this can be done by clicking onto the white screen as this is your canvas, once you have clicked onto the screen a little black box should pop up with a plus sign in the middle you have to click onto this to add videos or pictures into your Course page.

Once you have started to put together your course page you will want to click onto update every time you finish off a section of the page as LearnDashLMS does not auto save so you will have to keep updating the page to save your progress.

If you have videos that you have recorded yourself you can also put these videos into your Course page or lessons.