Course Builder

The next lesson will be about the course builder that is on Learn Dash, this is one of the best builder tools that you can get for Word Press as it has so many functions that help you build the website the way you want.

To start off what you will want to do is click on the “W” that is on the left hand side as this will bring up the tool bar then go down to LearnDashLMS, once you have clicked LearnDashLMS it will come up with a bunch of tools to use. The tool we want to use is called Courses this will help you to build a course on your website.

Once you have clicked onto courses you will be redirected to a page where all your courses will be stored to start a new course just click “add new” in the top right hand corner of the page. This will then bring you on to a separate page that will have “Course page”, “Builder”, “Settings” and “Groups”. All these links are at the top left of the page. The one we want to use first is Course page as this will be the main page to where all our lessons will be stored. Once you have set up your Course page the next thing to do will be to click onto the Builder link this will then bring you onto creating actual lessons them self to fit inside of your course.

Make sure you are always clicking Publish or Save every time you make a change because you can lose content that you have put in by going to another page as it doesn’t auto save.

Once you have your course and your lessons in what you can do next is go onto the settings bar and set up a pay pal payment for the content in your course, this will make users that come to use the course pay to view the content.