Block Settings

Now that we are in the course builder what you will want to do is click onto a block to add text or a video into then a quick panel should come up on the right or click on the little settings cog button on the right. This should say Document and Block, in here is where you can edit your blocks to make them the way that you want from changing the size of the text to changing the colour of the background of the box so your text stands out more. You can also add in buttons so when you click onto the button it takes you to the url that you have chosen this can also be done through the side bar

Once we have gone into courses and created a course you can now start to add lessons into your course this is good because it breaks up the course into individual pieces and it doesn’t make it too much for us too handle all at once. So once you have finished one lesson you can have a little break before starting your next lesson, or if you don’t want to do a certain lesson because you already know about it then you can skip through the lessons you don’t want to do and go to the ones that you need to do.